Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Shiver Me Timbers

Let me preface this entry with a cautionary note:

The pictures and captions that follow are silly, senseless, and will probably be considered a ROYAL waste of your time when (and if) you finish checking them all out.

I can't explain the "brain-wiring misfires" that take place every time I'm presented with a challenge, or an opportunity to exploit a theme or concept. I've been blessed with this torturous character trait that requires me to exhibit odd behavior or an exaggerated (over the top) response to very simple requests.
Last week the foundation race directors determined that we would have some fun mixed into the eight mile run on our Saturday schedule.
A scavenger hunt was designed into the route and we were asked to dress in fun outfits so that we could capture unique pictures of our group as we traversed the city looking for locations presented in the list of clues.
Each group was given a "disposable" camera and a sheet of paper with the list of clues.
Our/my group was whittled down to Jonathan and me after Tim pulled himself and four others out to run another race. Once it was determined that it would be just the two of us — we decided to blaze through the run and get as many worthless pictures as possible. The pirate concept with swords and Deeganbandana's were provided by yours truly. Many of the people we saw that were out and about (that were not part of the foundation group) gave us the quick "double take" and a few seemed a bit uncomfortable as we ran past with swords drawn high.

It was a sophomorically fun morning.

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meow said...

Ok, I can't take the torture any more. I'm splitting at the seams. I'll send my check, you so need help..........if there is enough help out there.