Sunday, September 17, 2006

Like the song goes - "I feel good!"

I didn't run at all this past week. I surfed every morning Sunday through Wednesday. Thursday I finished preparing for a noon meeting and on Friday I drove to Orlando for business. Friday evening I was back in Jacksonville Beach and in bed by 11:00pm. This was the first week I missed a morning run in many (many) months. The foundation runners were meeting at 5:00am Saturday for an eighteen mile run and I wasn't certain how I would feel.
The alarm was set for 3:30. I spent an hour at my office before heading into the San Marco area of Jacksonville for the run. During the half hour drive my initial (personal) physical assessment was positive. I was rested - my legs and feet felt strong and my attitude was upbeat.
If I can check these items off I usually run well.

But I hadn't run in a week.
Does that mean anything?

We took off on the run at 5:20am. Neighborhoods and roadways were quiet and empty. The group conversation, joking, and laughter began immediately. At some point we realized that this part of the world was still asleep and neighborly consideration would require us turn down our volume. We laughed as we imagined a husband awakened by his wife and being asked to turn off the tv because she was certain she just heard local meteorologist Tim Deegan telling some joke to a fellow news anchor. "It's 5:30 in the morning, what's Deegan doing on at this hour!"

Two hours after beginning the run we were climbing the Acosta bridge.
Are the legs holding up? Yes.
Is there fuel still left in the tank? Yes.

Several miles and another bridge remained but I was in good shape.
Mentally and physically there seemed to be nothing in my way.
By the end of our run the only issues I had were sore feet and some slight tightness in my calves.
Three hours of running and I felt good!

I am encouraged by all the positive feedback that I've received over the past several months.
I am encouraged by the way I feel at this point in my training. I am confident I can complete the marathon if I remain healthy and run a "smart" race.

This effort means a lot on so many levels.
On behalf of myself and The Donna Hicken Foundation - Thanks for ALL your support and contributions.

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