Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm Back

I can hear the groans throughout my small Blogosphere.

The decision to blast my family, friends and business acquaintances with a new round of marathon training stories did not come easily. I am extremely sensitive of your time and understand that weekly updates from a fundraising marathoner can be disruptive. Please do not hesitate to email me with a request to be removed from the list. It WILL NOT HURT MY FEELINGS. My posts will be more meaningful because I will allow them to be more personal.
With that out of the way — How is everyone?
This Blog is meant to be interactive so please share your comments.
Last year I was encouraged and sustained not only by the financial giving you provided the Donna Hicken Foundation.but through your comments of support over the six months of my training. This year I have some exciting news.
The Donna Hicken Foundation has teamed with Mayo Clinic (and many other large corporate sponsors) to host a nationally sanctioned marathon with a sole purpose of raising funds (and awareness) for breast cancer research and regional support for breast cancer survivors. This is a very unique concept with incredible potential.
So much has already taken place “behind the scenes” to make this event a success that I could write for hours… I won’t. There are some links with my first post (scroll past images below). Besides the training I will probably try some artwork but with a new angle on the images. This year I will talk with the runners and paint in a personal portraiture approach. We’ll see how that goes.
Finally, I was honored with the opportunity to paint the Inaugural 26.2 with Donna poster.
Below are images of the final art, preliminary paintings and some of the reference I shot in order to produce the painting. You can order signed copies on line.

This year my primary fundraising and financial goal will be met through an exhibit of original work at the end of the training. I will hope to produce 15 large paintings that I will sell at prices between $800 and $2400. If this is a success I should be able to provide a minimum of $10,000 to the foundation. With that said you are welcome to enhance that goal with personal donations to the foundation.

Reference for final painting

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Let’s see if I can beat Chris

It’s official. The Galloway marathon training program was kicked off in grand style this morning. Several hundred local participants joined several thousand others across the country in the first day of preparation to run the inaugural 26.2 with Donna
My last post came after the completion of the Jacksonville Marathon at the end of 2006.
I took several months off from running and attempted to pack some meat back onto my skinny little body. I failed. Without complaining and making excuses for getting distracted from my goal I think it’s better that I fast forward several months to April ’07.

I received a phone call from the Jacksonville events office the third week in April to initiate work on the inaugural poster for the 26.2 with Donna. The marathon takes place in Jacksonville Beach, February 17, 2008 and the city along with the Donna Hicken Foundation and Mayo Clinic were already deep into the marketing efforts. I was thrilled to get the call and eager to begin concepting ideas.
The marathon is very unique in that a portion of the run takes place on the beach. I run almost every other day on the beach — the beach will be my focus! After several early morning (incredibly inspiring) beach runs my mind locked in on a concept that involved leaping “pink dolphin” forming the breast cancer ribbon with a stream of runners in the background along Jacksonville Beach.
Several conversations with Donna and additional input from her support team challenged me to rethink the approach. The ideas kept flowing and eventually we narrowed the artwork down to a montage of recognizable Jacksonville Beach iconic elements.
It took about 70 hours to move through this process and complete the artwork. I am pleased with the work and hope that it inspires you to remain connected to this effort.

I have renewed myself and look forward to the next six months of training.
The posts will happen once a week and will be similar to my posts from last year.
Intrigue, pain, humor and drivel.

Oh, (by the way) Chris is the 100 Mile Ultrastud representing Galloway who trains us mortals. I think I CAN take him this year (in the marathon) if someone is willing to mess with his Gatorade at mile 18.

Below is the rationale I offered to the media on behalf of my marathon poster creative efforts.
Title - “Sea of Ribbons in the Sun”
In 2006 I participated in The Donna Hicken Foundation marathon training and fund raising effort. I was instantly inspired by the motivation exhibited by all the participants and their sincere desire to be successful.
From that inspiration I developed a personal journal that I supplemented with weekly paintings from our various training locations. The small paintings became gifts for all the individuals that supported me throughout the training and eventually the marathon.
A year later I am extremely honored to be able to provide the commemorative “inaugural” artwork for The National Marathon to Fight Breast Cancer.
A “bright sunlight” painterly style is reminiscent of the small paintings I produced during my fundraising in “06. The artwork combines many Jacksonville Beach landmarks and although the scene that I have created does not exist the runners will experience all the views along their 26.2 mile journey.