Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In the Moment

Every pulse, every breath, every thought and action is a part of your moment.
Early today (like every day) I set myself in the belief that I would contribute to some advancement in my life and those who are close. A five mile run at 7:30 helped set the groundwork toward a day that would be different and meaningful. Understanding that the challenges of my day start with how I decide the first moments of my day are addressed are crucial to understanding who I am. It’s not like I can predict the stuff that will go on but, if I am not in a sound place, I will not imagine the opportunities and possibilities around me. In two weeks training will begin for the next 26.2 Donna National Marathon and I am still not close to the person that I imagined running on behalf of this great cause. I hope that leaning on friends and being pushed by an internal knowledge (with hopes of success greater than myself) will enhance this effort. Breast Cancer Marathon success will be a shared in February by thousands of individuals with the same selfless pursuit of something greater than one.
Get ready! Join with me.
Great things will happen.