Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Good Fight

How much more can I carry?

How much more can I carry?

I ask myself this question almost every day.
Actually, it’s directed at God and I know his answer.
He will give me no more than I can bear.
Isn’t it amazing how we can be pressed and molded through our daily walk and somehow grow stronger and wiser if we are willing to open our hearts and minds.

This year my training has been sporadic. Work has been excessive and is affecting my priorities. I feel burdened at times and desperately search for balance. I am more prayerful and I have left myself open for answers that come from beyond myself.

My prayers are for my family and friends — with a very special prayer for Donna.
I know where she draws her strength from and I am confident that she will be strengthened beyond measure with all of our prayers.

I look forward to seeing everyone next Saturday.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Week 6

Sketch 2

Sketch 1


At 3:30 Monday morning I awoke to heavy rain and wind. Oddly the weather wouldn’t keep me from falling back to sleep, my mind was already grappling with the morning ahead — a day filled with multiple presses. I reminded myself 6x’s to tell my oldest daughter to be careful on her drive to school (in the stormy weather). I worked my thoughts through an early morning meeting with an important client — I thought about the photo shoot we would have to reschedule and the final illustrations that needed to be done for a TV commercial before settling back to sleep (the entire time struggling to understand how I cut my foot during a late afternoon surf session). I was glad to get at least a small amount of rest.

Saturday morning the hotel bed in Orlando was comfortable but not my own.
Surf Expo was taking place and for the 17th year I was attending with several of my Kurtis Group associates as the creative team supporting Surf Expo’s marketing department. It was a busy weekend and I missed my run with the 26.2 group. On Sunday the Jacksonville Jaguars took on the Atlanta Falcons and from 9:00am until 11:00am I worked on retooling the “Jag Hammer” (see previous post). After the game I surfed Sunday evening for two hours and did some office work as well as some brief help with homework before calling it quits Sunday night.

Everyone gets to that point of exhaustion — where clear becomes blurred, black & white goes grey, definitely means maybe and sharp feels dull….

…I think I’ve been there for a short while.

Running and the 26.2 group are huge benefits in my life balance. I look forward to getting back into training and seeing everyone next Saturday.
Distractions and complications try and take hold in life but family and friendships cut through the clutter.

Tuesday morning I will run six miles on the beach in wind and rain.
It will invigorate and encourage me. I will remind myself how blessed and fortunate I am.

At 8:00 I will get back to work.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Week 5

Drawing Lines

Week 4 there was fun surf so I missed the Galloway group training session (and the magic mile). It’s not that I really have a sense of guilt for missing the training run (I know it can be made up) — I know how much fun the drawing opportunity can be and it sets me back when I don’t take advantage of it.
I worked on some new sketches from the September 1, Saturday morning run. The run was a quick seven miles at the beach and close to my home. At 4:30 a.m. I was awake because (for whatever reason) my oldest daughter was awake. The doors in our house SQUEEEEEEK and later Saturday evening I made certain all ten of them no longer made any noise. It was easy for me to decide on a three mile run before joining the group for seven miles.We had a great time talking about Jags football, teaching and education, statistics, human physiology, weather (including our next potential tropical system), travel, marriage, etc., etc…yada, yada.
So, I’m at my computer and it’s Labor Day weekend. The 26.2 update is not really about anything however, when I look at my sketches I smile because within the lines there is so much that is meaningful. Loretta is my main subject. She is a wonderful person that runs with grace and has a comforting demeanor. If my sketches could capture her spirit I think it would be easy for people that don’t understand running to “get it”.

I hope that all of you are doing well.
Please take some time to do some additional research on the upcoming marathon.

The race medal has been designed and will be going into production next week.
Hopefully you will get a sneak peek very soon.