Sunday, September 02, 2007

Drawing Lines

Week 4 there was fun surf so I missed the Galloway group training session (and the magic mile). It’s not that I really have a sense of guilt for missing the training run (I know it can be made up) — I know how much fun the drawing opportunity can be and it sets me back when I don’t take advantage of it.
I worked on some new sketches from the September 1, Saturday morning run. The run was a quick seven miles at the beach and close to my home. At 4:30 a.m. I was awake because (for whatever reason) my oldest daughter was awake. The doors in our house SQUEEEEEEK and later Saturday evening I made certain all ten of them no longer made any noise. It was easy for me to decide on a three mile run before joining the group for seven miles.We had a great time talking about Jags football, teaching and education, statistics, human physiology, weather (including our next potential tropical system), travel, marriage, etc., etc…yada, yada.
So, I’m at my computer and it’s Labor Day weekend. The 26.2 update is not really about anything however, when I look at my sketches I smile because within the lines there is so much that is meaningful. Loretta is my main subject. She is a wonderful person that runs with grace and has a comforting demeanor. If my sketches could capture her spirit I think it would be easy for people that don’t understand running to “get it”.

I hope that all of you are doing well.
Please take some time to do some additional research on the upcoming marathon.

The race medal has been designed and will be going into production next week.
Hopefully you will get a sneak peek very soon.

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