Saturday, September 09, 2006

Not a Bad Looking Group

I'll make this quick because many of the images I hope to post from our eight mile Scavenger Hunt run will not be processed (old school cameras still have a purpose) until later this week.

The pictures are guaranteed to be funny!

I took a few digital pics at the finish of our run and also managed to capture some shots from a YMCA corporate relay race that was wrapping up in the same location we were training. Tim was involved in the event along with others in our group (they kicked-butt).
Anyway, I'm cropping images in Photoshop and can't help but grin when I look at the smiles on all these faces. Running sure has a way of making everything more genuine.

Look for my next post by the middle to end of the week.

I'm about 25% to my goal of $5,000.
We're halfway through training.
So, I'm behind if you look at things purely from a statistical point.
I understand we're all last minute with these type of efforts (I'm not sweating this)however, a couple checks this week sure would FIRE ME UP!

Thanks everyone.
Enjoy the pictures.

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