Saturday, November 11, 2006

Good Work

"If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally, and does not taunt; and it shall be given him. But let him ask in faith, without hesitation. For he that hesitates is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. For don't let that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord. A double minded (two-spirited) man, unstable (inconstant) in all his ways (roads, paths, journeys)." James 1:5-8

I’ve trained with The Donna Hicken Foundation for twenty-eight weeks, run over 1000 miles and raised $2500.00. The marathon is a month away and I just spent the last couple weeks questioning what I was “really” trying to accomplish. Honestly, I can share a handful of very important personal priorities that will always force training down to the bottom of the pile — so deep that it should no longer have a place in my schedule or thoughts. So what’s the deal?

I believe that good work and positive energy can (and will) be met with equal portions of negative energy if we are not strong in our beliefs and faithful toward what we seek to accomplish. I also believe that stepping outside of our “normal (or safe) comfort zones” creates disruption and makes it easy for us to stand back and wait. Having purpose is motivating — determining how to balance and keep priorities in order is challenging. Positive influence is the reward.
Positive influence however, should not fill the empty space left by the gesture of a selfish action (wow did I just write that? hmmmm, not bad).

So it’s a difficult balance that requires internal strength and wisdom. Decisions to accomplish good deeds come fraught with opportunity to fail. The idea of failure will stop most people before they even give opportunity a chance.

The Ortega run on Saturday morning was a short 7 miler with a 1.5 mile “bonus” run tacked on for my group.
Before starting the run Tim mentioned the view from the river back toward downtown. He thought it would make a nice backdrop for a new painting. Unfortunately, the route was not designed to take us out to the river by the Ortega Bridge — so we added it at the end of our run.
The morning light, cool temps and calm winds helped create the perfect scene.
I’m anxious to start my next painting.

My commitment is faithful. I look forward to the marathon.
Thank you for the continued support.

I'm still hoping to raise another $2500.00.
I know I have some family and friends that can help.

Make checks payable to:
The Donna Hicken Foundation

Mail to:
The Kurtis Group
425 8th Ave. N.
Jax. Bch. FL 32250


florence said...

Thank you for your willingness to share this journey, your humility is inspiring.

i so appreciate hearing the internal journey of this huge accomplishment. I know for me it is often in the question, the stuggle, that the spiritual growth happens.

So often the positive is the outcome of honestly facing the difficult.

Thank you for opening this entry with Scripture. It is one of my favorite passages. It is one I often pass along to struggling friends. It teaches me to reach out to give and to recieve.

Blessings, Florence

Mike Barnhart said...


Great post. Thanks for the inspiring words today, that can apply to any challenge or hardship to be met head on.

Also, to just simply take in the simple gift of having another day to make the most of in this life - and you have certainly shown what that means to us all, my friend.

Keep truckin! Mike Barnhart