Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Marathon Training – By the numbers

The Numbers

3000 - Individuals currently signed up to run the marathon and half marathon
50 – Every US state represented with runners participating from across the country
18 – Miles the training group will run on Saturday, November 17
2.5 – Months until our marathon

I ran this morning on the beach. Oooooh my Goooosh!
Fall weather in Jacksonville Beach is THE BEST!!!
When I stepped outside for my early morning beach run the only thing on my mind was how my feet would handle the next six miles of pounding.
Mile two was exceptional.
The foot pain was gone and my body was in a rhythm.
Early brilliant blue sunlit sky and crisp salt air recharged my efforts.
I owned the beach - an occasional jogger or some random couple would intrude my peripheral view but (for the most part) the only distractions were the masses of seagulls lingering by the oceans edge.
It was special!
When you’re in the zone the flood gates open – self-realization, self-actualization, unbounded goals are open for personal observation.
How often do you have an opportunity to confront self-actualization?
I’m so fortunate for the life I live and the people I know.
It’s not always simple or easy but, I embrace the moment.
This morning will spill over to tomorrow.
Tomorrow will be new and it will bring new challenges.
Nothing can stand in the way if you set your mind to it.


Anonymous said...

dearest friend!!

thank you for the continued journey to self realization that you share with us. I was on the beach yesterday morning and felt the same thing as i eased into my yoga poses. it felt as if the God and universe was smiling upon us as the sunlight twinkled!!

I am moved by your dedication, and joy in this moment. thank you for sharing...YOU ROCK!!!


Giva said...

Good for people to know.