Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I wasn’t supposed to run 17 miles on Saturday

I’m still trying to decide who I can blame.

Oh wait,… that would be the dumb, freckled guy with the bad haircut!!!

Apparently my large skull (filled with very little grey matter) seemed to think it was a good idea to run additional miles after finishing the quick five mile run with our group.
Tim and Donna Deegan are training for the New York Marathon and they had some additional miles to put in on Saturday. For some reason I thought it was only five miles.
My heart sunk after starting the run and learning we were going six miles out and six miles back.

Damn! — the beach gets hot after 3 hours of sloggin’ down small back roads at a “blistering” 3 mph. Eventually my feet were negotiating with Kurtis “the Shoe Bomber” in hopes of an immediate extraction from the painful pounding.
Unfortunately, the hardest part of the run was yet to come…

Jonathan (Nike Swoosh, speed demon, extraordinaire) was part of our comfortable run picnic and I knew we would not finish quietly. After separating from most of the group at 15 miles I realized the final two miles back to my car with Jonathan would be quick.

The pace was reasonable but my feet were toast. I could not wait to complete the “meat tenderizing”. I thanked Jonathan (forcing a smile) and then hobbled back to my car, opened the driver side door and placed my tired legs and butt into the most comfortable seat I had ever known. It was around 11:00 am and I had run the streets of Atlantic, Neptune, Jacksonville and PonteVedra Beach for the past four hours. Why? Who knows?

Early Saturday afternoon I was back at my office getting ready for the first Jaguar Preseason football game. My legs were cramping, the mind and body were exhausted however I was preparing for an annual ritual I share with my oldest daughter. Jaguar football is something we NEVER miss. This year I have a new weapon in my arsenal.
“Jag Hammer”
I’m crazy.
I understand.
One day I’ll come to terms with it.


Anonymous said...

Kurtis, love the jag hammer helmut. Since I am now an assigned Buc's fan, you cleaned our clock. However, my boys play for the East Bay Bucs (pee wee football) and it is very cool to be a Buc - albeit an East Bay Buc fan at this point. Same cool pirate stuff going on. Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks.

Jane Preston

Anonymous said...

What a great hat, Kurtis! You crack me up. I enjoy your blog. I should do a marathon one day. Just kidding. I am not crazy!

Sounds like you are doing great and fighting the age thing with zeal.

Take care!
Beth Stambaugh

Anonymous said...