Wednesday, December 06, 2006

the long road short

I ran a quick six miles on Tuesday morning. It was a familiar run with my thoughts focused on work related issues and the upcoming marathon.
My training is coming to a close and I've experienced a variety of physical and emotional ups and downs.
I've been humbled and encouraged, torn down and built back up.
The process has brought new friendships and given me a deeper appreciation of the ones I have.
More importantly, I will gratefully finish this short chapter with the satisfacction that there will be “very real” positive influence beyond my reach.
Writing this journal has been enjoyable. Painting has been a selfish reward.
Dozens of emails from friends and family have helped to feed my soul.

I realized during my Tuesday morning run that just finishing the marathon is all that matters.
The Donna Hicken Foundation/Galloway runners will have a (pre race) pasta dinner on Monday, December 11.
My fundraising goal is $5000.00. Twenty-two checks have come in totaling $3,500.00.
If you are still interested in supporting the foundation PLEASE try and get your checks in before that evening.
The gallery is posted at
Make a donation and let me know which print I can sign and send your way.

I will probably have two final posts including a wrap-up.

Thank you for ALL the support!

Make checks payable to:
The Donna Hicken Foundation

Mail to:
The Kurtis Group
425 8th ave. n.
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

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Anonymous said...

That's just true, fatherly love...dressing as a "jag hammer" at a Jaguar game, with your eldest daughter. Kudos to you, Kurt!:)