Monday, December 18, 2006


So is it ok to have sex before the marathon?
Yes, as long as you don’t distract the starter.

It’s an old worn out marathon joke but this is my last marathon blog entry and I felt inclined to utilize a salacious writing tactic to guarantee as many eyes as possible.

By the numbers:

2,180 — Combined runners in the half and full marathon
80 — Donna Hicken runners (congratulations team!!!!!)
2:30:07 — First place time for men
3:44:35 — Kurtis Loftus (wow the guy that won is fast)
242 — Overall finish for Kurtis
8:34 — mile pace for Kurtis
30 — walk breaks (12 more than the Galloway plan suggests)
110 — heat index at 10:30 am (not really, but it was hot)
6 — Advil consumed…

…the list could go on and on.

“We run, not because we think it is doing us good, but because we enjoy it and cannot help ourselves. It also does us good because it helps us to do other things better. It gives a man or woman the chance to bring out power that might otherwise remain locked away inside. The urge to struggle lies latent in everyone.”

Roger Bannister, “The Four-Minute Mile”

I’ve been told that the last eight miles of a marathon run is the most difficult — now I can confirm it.
I’ve been asked if I plan to do another marathon — Definitely (but if you had asked me during my marathon run, I would have said “no” at mile 23).


I experienced two uniquely different psycho-physical appeals to finish the marathon beginning at mile 24.
The first opportunity was to finish with a young man (19 - 22 years old). I greeted him as he walked along San Jose Blvd. I thought if I could finish the marathon with someone that looked like a strong runner and was half my age it might reflect well on me. We walked and then I encouraged him to jog. He mentioned that his longest training run was 20 miles. At the 25 mile mark he said he was going to commit to running the rest of the way in. The next time we spoke was after he crossed the finish (at least 1 minute behind me).
My second opportunity for inspiration came during mile 25. With less than a mile to go I heard labored breathing and strong footsteps slowly gaining on me. When the breathing was just to my right side I looked over to find a red-faced older gentleman (certainly in his 60’s). He appeared ready to pass out as we trudged along together. I thought I would at least hang with him all the way to the finish. I could not. He beat my time by almost 30 seconds.


Dona Hicken and the Galloway Team!!!!!!!!!!
Loretta (first place in her age group)!!!!!!!!!!!!
Phil — One of Jacksonville’s finest and proving why (River Run is next)!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m getting a much deserved massage.
Health Elements is owned by Cynthia DeWitt, a marathon runner.
If any Donna Hicken/Galloway runners have not taken advantage of a good massage I recommend calling Cynthia. 249-0921

Thank you to all my supporters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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