Sunday, July 30, 2006

Why do I run?

(note: this entry is only part of an explanation. I do not like being sedintary. I enjoy getting my body moving - the heart, lungs, legs, and arms. If Margaret found me lying around the house for a few days she would know there was a problem. I guess running has some addictive qualities. The chemical changes. The flood of endorphins. The physical benefits from running are obvious. This entry is more about running and having clarity).

I first laced up a pair of sneakers to go for a run in 1976. At the time long distance running was a new national interest. Team sports were not particularly rewarding for me (since I was too small for football and wrestling meant that I spent a lot of time rolling around on a stinky mat with another guy). I was surfing and skateboarding and had already begun to develop a sense of my own methods of personal motivation.

Running seemed relatively simple and it was obvious that anyone could do it.

The route was typically five miles. My runs quickly became a way to shed stress. I remember (at first) creating “odd” challenges every time I took off on a run. Before long daily issues would often replace the odd challenges and my immediate objective was to solve a “real” problem that confronted me that day or week. I realized that running gave me an opportunity to dig inward. My mind would become clear of distractions; my body would be humming along like a machine. The repetition and expenditure of physical energy made me alert but able to focus on whatever was important. I embraced this ability to “run through” my problems.

All this might appear to be a selfish pursuit however I have found running to be extremely beneficial in operating a business. I (often) will proudly announce to my associates that I have strategic ideas to present to a client that were solved on a six mile run. I can honestly say that more than 50 percent of the high level creative problem solving I do comes out of a run. I know that I have “clarity” after running.

Now my running will have a uniquely different purpose. I am “training” for a marathon with The Donna Hicken Foundation. Our group appears very diverse but we are extraordinarily like-minded. Our goal is to run the Jacksonville Marathon that takes place at the end of the year
It is obvious that we all have a mission and purpose beyond ourselves.

The assists breast cancer survivors that are in deep need. The foundation has an incredible story with hundreds of lives that have already been touched. Donna has also secured a sanctioned Marathon event for Jacksonville that will benefit breast cancer research and assist breast cancer survivors:

Our current group consists of 150 runners. We are broken up into small sub groups based on our pace. The foundation utilizes a training method developed by an elite marathoner:

We are all challenged to complete the 26.2 mile distance and to work on behalf of the foundation to raise money.

My goal is to raise $5000.00. I hope to accomplish this corporately with business partners and individually with friends and family.

I hope to see a great response. If you are already committed and don’t need to follow me through the pain I have an address below where your check can be mailed. If you think that there is an opportunity to put some corporate money behind my effort I would encourage you to hold off as I put this part of my fund raising together. Every week I will update this blog with some interesting stories and original art. Yes, I said art! I’m excited and motivated about this opportunity to create original art to help tell the story.

Thank you for sticking with me.
Take care.

Make checks payable to:

The Donna Hicken Foundation

Mail to:
Kurtis Loftus
425 8th avenue north
Jacksonville Beach FL 32250

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